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Original Battlestar Galactica Cast


Commander AdamaLorne Green
Commander CainLloyd Bridges

Galactica Bridge Crew

Colonel TighTerry Carter
RigelSarah Rush
OmegaDavid Greenan
AthenaMaren Jensen

Pegasus Bridge Crew

Colonel TolanRod Haase
HelmsmanJunero Jennings
HelmsmanTed Hamaguchi

Colonial Warriors - Pilots

Captain ApolloRichard Hatch
Lieutenant StarbuckDirk Benedict
Lieutenant BoomerHerbert Jefferson, Jr.
Lieutenant ShebaAnn Lockhart
Lieutenant DietraSheila DeWindt
Sergeant JollyTony Swartz
Sergeant GreenbeanEd Begley, Jr.
Sergeant BojayJack Stauffer
SerenaJane Seymour
BrieJanet Louise Johnson
Female WarriorLeann Hunley
Cadet BowAlex Hyde-White

Colonial Warriors - Galactica Crew

CassiopeiaLaurette Spang
Doctor SalikGeorge Murdock
Doctor WilkerJohn Dullaghan
Corporal Lomas (Deck Hand/Bay Technician/Guard)Bruce Wright
BoxeyNoah Hathaway

Survivors in the Fleet

Commentator ZedTed Parker
Broadcaster ZaraPatricia Stich

Bad Guys

Count BaltarJohn Colicos
Count IblisPatrick Macnee
Imperious LeaderDick Durock
(Voice of) Imperious LeaderPatrick Macnee
(Voice of) LuciferJonathan Harris
Commander Leiter (Eastern Alliance)Lloyd Bochner
Borellian Noman MagaLance LeGault
Borellian Noman BoraRobert Feero
Borellian Noman TagaAnthony De Longis

SciFi Battlestar Galactica Cast

Galactica Command Crew

Commander William Adama
Colonel Saul TighMichael Hogan
Lieutenant GaetaAlessandro Juliani
Petty Officer DuallaKandyse McClure

Colonial Warriors - Pilots

Captain Lee Adama (Apollo)Jamie Bamber
Lieutenant Kara Thrace (Starbuck)Katie Sackhoff
Cylon Lieutenant Sharon Valerii (Boomer)Grace Park
Lieutenant Karl C. Agathon (Helo)Tahmoh Penikett

Colonial Warriors - Galactica Crew

CPO Galen TyrolAaron Douglas

Survivors in the Fleet

President Laura RoslinMary McDonnell
Billy KeikeyaPaul Campbell
Tom ZarekRichard Hatch

Bad Guys

Doctor Gaius BaltarJames Callis
Cylon Number SixTricia Helfer
Cylon Lieutenant Sharon Valerii (Boomer) - CapricaGrace Park

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